[VIDEO] Building A Basic Sales Funnel to Increase Online Sales

February 6th, 2018

A common issue for new clients that walk in our door at Athletic Agencies is understanding how to connect with new customers online and scale their online businesses.

We see clients from small business, mum and dad stores, to multi national corporations – and these different clients are all facing the same issues.

To build any business, it all comes down to the same principle – CVO (customer value optimisation), which refers to:

  • – Increasing the amount of customers
  • – Increasing the average transaction value per customer
  • – Increasing the amount of sales per customer

This is where sales funnels come in. Not only should sales funnels follow this principle, but the idea is that you draw in cold leads (people who do not know about you, your product or your solution to their problem) and lead them through a journey to convert to buyers.

We hope you get some value from this short video on sales funnels! If you want to know some more, or talk about how we could assist your online business, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for watching!

Miles Muecke – Founder


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