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Holly Louise, The Fit Pharmacist is a leading health and wellness expert, registered pharmacist and online coach. She is also a major ambassador for Chemist Warehouse, INC Sports Nutrition, House of Wellness and Mercedes-Benz Gold Coast.

The Fit Pharmacist Media Kit

Holly is part of the family here at Athletic Agencies, being one of our very first clients. Over the years, we have helped Holly with all of her marketing, product, sales and business processes.

We have assisted Holly with:

  • Business, brand and digital strategy, implementation and execution
  • Branding, website design and development
  • Social media strategy and management
  • Facebook advertising and funnel strategies
  • Product design and production
  • Ambassador management and contract negotiations
  • Brand partnership strategy
  • Live event strategy, implementation and execution
  • Content creation

Holly has now cemented herself as a leader in the health and wellness space and works for arguably the biggest brands in the country. This has allowed her to help transform the lives of thousands of women through her online coaching programs, products and content and she continues to be a driving, changing force in the health and fitness industry.

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