Fitness Show

The fitness show boasts one of the biggest fitness inspired events on the calendar. Holding their main event in Sydney, health and fitness enthusiasts from around the world gather to witness the newest brands, products, talk to their favorite athletes and sporting stars and everything else health and fitness.

For the Sydney 2017 event, Fitness Show partnered with Athletic Agencies as their media partner to cover the event, to gather content to post live for their audience not attending, to showcase what the event had on stall, to promote future events and to encourage new exhibitors for future events.

What we did:

  • We offered a full content creation package which included photography and videography of all activations at the event
  • We worked with the show director to capture interview style video features of all of the main athletes that attended the event
  • We assistance in the management of their social media platforms during the event
  • We assisted with content for their regular EDM updates
  • We worked with their major retail partners and contracted celebrities to capture content

This event was dubbed the most successful Fitness Show event to date with over 60,000 people attending the show. The fitness show has now used the content from this show to promote their next event, which is expected to be even bigger in 2018.

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