January 19th, 2018

Public service announcement.

It’s official – Facebook have pulled the trigger and killed organic reach for Fan Pages. Meaning that if you have a business or fan page, your content will no longer be seen by your audience.

Why has this happened?!

Well, put simply engagement and time spent on the actual Facebook newsfeed has dropped significantly. So in order to get a better understanding of what is happening with it’s users, Facebook has used A.I. to learn the interactions of users to better understand how Facebook can get people to connect again.

What does this mean for me, you and our businesses?

This means that if you want to touch your audience on Facebook, you will now need to pay for advertising. It’s no secret this was coming, and we have known for some time – but now it’s official.

This doesn’t mean Facebook is any less affective. In my opinion it’s still the most effective platform to market your product / service in the world. But now you will have to be smart about it and properly strategise your Facebook marketing efforts. It means that those who have a solid understanding of marketing and advertising on Facebook will win.

I know expect that Facebook Groups will have a HUGE uplift and should be something your brand should look to in your 2018 digital strategy.

These changes by Facebook are another reason why I advise our clients to look to building “traffic you own”, being email lists. This should be another strategy you should be pushing this year.

What’s the best strategy to employ with these changes?

Like always, the best strategy is moving traffic into your sales funnel. So, I would suggest the following:

Target your audience from Facebook -> send them to a landing page -> get their email address and contact details -> Trigger automated email sequence -> move people into your Facebook group.

For us marketers, nothing much has changed – it’s about adding value at each step of the customer journey. This is and will always be the key to converting a prospect into a buyer, and a buyer into a ravid fan.

If you don’t have the right people or team in place to help you implement the right digital strategy, we are your guys. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for a free strategy meeting. This is our jam, and we love helping people leverage the powers of digital to grow their business.

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Miles Muecke
Athletic Agencies

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