How Businesses Need to Address The Facebook Algorithm Change to Survive

February 6th, 2018

Do you run a business that pays to produce content and seeks to move traffic from social media to your product sales pages online?

If you said yes, then this article is specifically written for you. Because shit has changed, and if you pay close attention to your social media analytics, you would have most likely noticed some big drops in organic reach (unpaid reach of your posts to your audience).

We have certainly felt the effects. We have access to and manage many client social media platforms, and on some pages we have noticed decreases of organic reach of up to 65%. So that means these clients are reaching 65% less people today, than before that algorithm changed. Have you noticed a drop in your engagement?

If you have, i’m sure you are still paying the same amount for your content creators, marketing managers, agencies or freelancers to produce the content for your social pages?…Can you see the problem here?

Without addressing the fact that your organic reach has just taken a hit, your social marketing strategy will not be financially sustainable. But this doesn’t mean it’s the end.

Now here’s the thing, social media IS NOT any less effective. There are over 2 billion people on Facebook today and there is no rate of this slowing down. So the attention is still there. You just have to be smart about how you touch that audience and you WILL have to pay to reach these people in effective ways.

We at Athletic Agencies have been expecting this algorithm change for quite some time. So client strategy advice has not necessarily changed. But for new clients coming through the doors, we see that a lot of you are not properly equipped for this new social economy.

Let us help…

Do not blindly create content – what’s the content strategy?

For a long time when we first started our agency, we were instructed by clients to produce videos and photos with no real purpose. Stuff that just looked good and floated our clients ego. Because a lot of work we do is in the fitness industry, a lot of our videos included athletes simply flexing their egos in order to look good on social media. Hey, each to their own – we loved producing these videos and still do. A lot of this work allowed us to get creative and develop our skills. The content always looked great, but never had a real purpose behind it – they surely wouldn’t make the client sales…

What we learned quickly was that in order to provide our clients with real results when it came to producing content, we needed to steer our clients into producing content that would get them closer to their goal.

This is the moment when I ask you…is the content you are producing moving your target audience closer to where you want them to be? I am assuming that the end goal is that they buy your product, opt in to a mailing list or join some sort of group to name a few? Right?

Well if that’s the case, your content needs to follow a strategy.

Create a promotional video for your upcoming event! Or a video showing the quality or your gym and the member experience, encouraging your audience to join. Or show your audience how your product provides a solution to their problem, with an option for them to understand more by clicking a link in the description box that takes them to a relatable platform of your choosing.   Don’t just spend money on content creation without a purpose. Any time you provide instructions for content creation, make sure it follows a content strategy plan.

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If you want an example (again fitness related) of a business doing this well, check out Instagram page ( . You will see that they produce quality content, but regularly ask the viewer to click the link in their bio to read more, watch more, or find out more. This always takes the viewer back to a page on their website that they want. My bet is that they are tracking everyone that views these pages and re-targets them with sales ads later on – but this is talk for the next section!

Paid advertising is a must – and it needs a strategy too…

So the Facebook algorithm has changed – what does this mean for your business? Business pages on Facebook / Instagram will receive much less organic reach on their posts, without paid backing…I heard you sigh through the computer…but don’t – understand that just like your business, Facebook is a business and is here to make money. But, it doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. The attention is still there, with over 2 billion people on the platform and growing.

Until another new platform comes out that is free and has as much attention and ad targeting ability as Facebook, it is still the best option when it comes to targeted advertising on the internet (in our opinion).

So, if you haven’t already, it’s important that paid advertising is included in your marketing strategy.

Here’s a tip – too many of our clients are coming to us, after having used Facebook advertising or from another agency, saying it didn’t work for them. We don’t buy that – you and/or your previous agency just didn’t work. Gone are the days where we could simply post a sales post and have our audience flock to our sales platform and buy our products. The times have changed, and so has the buying behaviour of our audience. It doesn’t mean people are buying less…people want to buy, they just don’t want to be sold to…so your advertising strategy needs to reflect this behaviour. You need to have an advertising structure and framework that leads your customer through the buying journey – let’s call it a sales or click funnel, you have heard of these, right? – this means different content and advertising for top of the funnel, middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel…

Don’t know what I am talking about – check out this video where in 2 minutes I lay out what a sales funnel is, its purpose and I even show you a sales funnel we have used to help generate thousands of leads, hundreds of thousands of dollars for clients, and help take our clients businesses to the next level.

BIG NO NO – if you, your marketing manager, or your hired agency’s idea of Facebook advertising is simply pressing the big blue “boost post” button – you need to understand that they are seriously wasting your money. Facebook LOVES these kind of transactions. There are so many reasons why this doesn’t work – just Google “Boost Post Button Facebook” to see how many articles there are about this. There is much more to creating a successful Facebook advertising campaign, just like I have shown you above in the video.

If you feel like this is a bit too much for you at the moment, or your current team or agency isn’t on top of it, let’s have a chat and see if we can help! Click here to get in contact with us now.

I really hope this article helped you in some way or another. At Athletic Agencies it is our mission to ensure that our clients businesses are prospering, and every day we are in the trenches and on the front line, ensuring that we are implementing the most up to date strategies that reflect the current digital landscape. So anytime we see a big move, trend, or have something that we think might help you and your business, we will share it, and hope to help put you and your business in a better position when it comes to your digital marketing.

Thank you for your time.

Miles Muecke



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